Customer Review

I love my bear track trailer! It’s built very sturdy, it pulls straight and easy, and it is I quite trailer when it’s loaded. 5 stars. 

Aaron Lund

I’ve had mine for over 17 years. Time to get something bigger and I hope to find a bigger Bear Track. It’s been a great trailer.

Ronald Marsh

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose an aluminum trailer?

The benefits of aluminum trailers stretch far beyond the appeal of just a sleek looking trailer. For starters, aluminum trailers will not rust, making your trailer look newer, longer. This is a big factor in Bear Track’s being low maintenance compared to other trailer options. You don’t have to worry about paint touch-up, or rust. Aluminum is durable with no paint to scratch and the finish will not fade or peel in sunlight. The primary maintenance item on a Bear Track trailer is wheel bearings. When properly cared for you have little to worry about.

Often overlooked are the benefits of having a lightweight trailer. They are easy to handle; as most Bear Track Aluminum trailers can be moved with ease by hand. In tow, lightweight aluminum trailers pull easier and require less gas resulting in better fuel economy.

Ultimately a trailer purchase is an investment and, at the end of the day, when you’re ready to upgrade your trailer to a newer model, a Bear Track aluminum trailer will have a better resale. All the factors above contribute to your trailer looking better longer and creating long term value for you.

Do you offer a warranty?

Bear Track’s warranty is a strong as out trailers. We manufacture the toughest trailer, and to back that statement up we offer an industry-leading 5 year limited warranty.

How do I buy a Bear Track trailer?

Bear Track Trailers are only sold through a network of authorized dealers. Find a dealer near you.