Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose an aluminum trailer?

The benefits of aluminum trailers stretch far beyond the appeal of just a sleek looking trailer. For starters, aluminum trailers will not rust, making your trailer look newer, longer. This is a big factor in Bear Track’s being low maintenance compared to other trailer options. You don’t have to worry about paint touch-up, or rust. Aluminum is durable with no paint to scratch and the finish will not fade or peel in sunlight. The primary maintenance item on a Bear Track trailer is wheel bearings. When properly cared for you have little to worry about.

Often overlooked are the benefits of having a lightweight trailer. They are easy to handle; as most Bear Track Aluminum trailers can be moved with ease by hand. In tow, lightweight aluminum trailers pull easier and require less gas resulting in better fuel economy.

Ultimately a trailer purchase is an investment and, at the end of the day, when you’re ready to upgrade your trailer to a newer model, a Bear Track aluminum trailer will have a better resale. All the factors above contribute to your trailer looking better longer and creating long term value for you.

How do I protect my trailer from dirt and salt?

Dirt and salt do not affect aluminum as they do other materials, so just simply rinse off the dirt and salt and let your Bear Track trailer air dry completely.

What is the average life of a Bear Track trailer?

This depends on how well you maintain your Bear Track. We offer an industry-leading 5-year warranty, but if properly cared for our trailers can last for years or decades beyond that warranty.

Do Bear Track Trailers hold their value?

Bear Track trailers do hold their value better than other available products in the market. This is due to the high quality of components used, our production teams excellent craftsmanship, and the thought and engineering that goes into every Bear Track trailer.

What vehicle do I need to pull a Bear Track trailer?

This depends on what trailer you get, and what you plan on hauling. Our all-aluminum built trailers can haul anywhere from 1,800 lbs. to 8,115 lbs. Check your vehicle’s payload and towing capacity and stay within their listed specifications.

Are Bear Track Trailers easy to pull?

Yes, our trailers are all-aluminum making them very lightweight and easy to pull.

How much weight can I carry on my trailer?

Bear Track utility trailers have carrying capacities of up to 5,810 lbs. Bear Track Car Haulers capacity is up to 8,115 lbs. This information can also be found on the VIN sticker of each of our trailers.

Do you offer a warranty?

Bear Track’s warranty is a strong as out trailers. We manufacture the toughest trailer, and to back that statement up we offer an industry-leading 5 year limited warranty.

How do I buy a Bear Track trailer?

Bear Track Trailers are only sold through a network of authorized dealers. Find a dealer near you.