99.25″ Wide Tandem Axle Snowmobile Trailer

Bed Size

Carrying Capacity


Trailer Weight

99″ x 192″ 1,990 Lbs. 2,991 lbs 1,000#

Ensure you, and your snowmobiles arrive at your sledding destination safely, with a Bear Track Snowmobile Trailer. Our proprietary SafeGuard Loading Ramps feature a 1.75″ ramp edge to assist in safe loading. Take on even the gnarliest of rides with a tough, all aluminum frame by Bear Track – the most innovative, dependable trailer on the market.


  • LED Light Package
  • Tongue Jack
  • V-Front Design (except 10’ Tilt)
  • Safeguard Loading Ramp
  • Straight Tongue
  • 5/8” Marine Grade Decking
  • Custom Extruded Deep Side Rail
  • SmartDrain System – Northern Climate Protection
  • All Aluminum Construction
  • TouchPoint Weld System
  • Wishbone Tongue Design
  • WireGuard Enclosed and Jacketed Wiring System
  • Rubber Torsion Axle with Easy Access Grease Fitting
  • QuietRide Noise Reduction System
  • Bear Track Fit and Finish


  • Aluminum Rims
  • Salt Shield/Drive-off Ramp
  • EZ Guides
  • Spare Tire Carrier
  • Traction Mats
  • Tie Down Bar with Crank Handle/Rod
  • Trailer Brakes



Bed Size (WxL)

Overall Size (WxL)

Carrying Capacity



No. of Axles

Tire Size

Trailer Weight

BTS99192S 99.25″ x 192″ V-Front Snowmobile Trailer 99″ x 192″ 102″ x 275″ 1,990 Lbs. 2,991 lbs 2,200# Torsion 2 ST175-80R13(C) 1,000#

Measurements and specifications do not account for any modifications and added accessories. Verify that a trailer fits your vehicle capacity and trailer use intentions prior to purchasing.